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Platinum Package

Safety Technician Training

Course Description:

The Safety Technician program is designed to provide industry professionals with introductory knowledge to safety rules, OSHA regulations, safe work practices, accident prevention and documentation. Students with previous infield knowledge and experience will qualify as a Safety Technician and will be able to find employment in several safety profession crafts. Those positions include but, are not limited to; pipe fitters, boilermakers, holewatch/ firewatch, scaffolding, welding and Hazardous Operations and Emergency Response.  Students with no Oil & Gas Industry experience will have the ability to gain employment in any of the listed crafts as an apprentice with higher pay due to supervision leveled knowledge and gain experience to eventually propel into the Safety or Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response profession.

Course Hours:

40 contact hours 


Performance Objectives

  • Identify dangers of walking surfaces and equipment around work area

  • Identify and categorize personal protective equipment and its uses

  • Identify noise levels and importance of hearing protection

  • How do identify harassment and a supervisors responsibility dealing with harassment

  • How to identify shift work fatigue and ways to prevent or avoid it

  • Identify the hierarchy of controls and how to implement them in you companies safety plan

  • Appropriate waste management and storage containment





Required Textbooks:



Required Material:

2nd Nature Safety Study Guide


Instructional Methods:


Video Presentation


Maximum Student/Instructor Ratio:


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