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At 2nd Nature Safety, we believe that safety should come second to nature. We work together to make a difference in the lives of our clients. Our goal is to support our clients in their training, employment and employee needs. We provide the essentials necessary to meet the request of our clients. The demand for well-trained and qualified employees in the oil and gas industry is extremely high and we work diligently to ensure that our students are equipped for the position. 



Our general industry/construction/labor course is the first of its kind with OSHA standards and procedures being our foundation, while aiming above and beyond their expectations. The quality of training will be proven by the knowledge, esteem and integrity of the students that enroll and graduate through our training.

Our training is not just for the veteran in this industry, but is also for the

college graduate, CSST/ CSSS graduates, fire-watch, hole-watch, electrician, VP, safety tech, military personal, veterans, owner etc.

The offered courses include:

  • Safety Management Skills Introduction 

  • Safety Committee Operations* Basic Accident Investigation

  • Hazard Analysis and Control*Hazard Communication Program

  • Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis

  • Effective Safety Committee Meetings

  • OSHA record keeping*Personal Protective Equipment Inspection

  • Purpose and procedure for lockout/tag out

  • Ergonomics Identification/hazards

  • Safety Supervision / Leadership Training

  • How to Implement OSHA Training

  • Preventing /Procedure/ Documentation Workplace Violence/ Harassment Prevention Training

  • Confined Space Program

  • Fall Protection Program

  • Electrical Safety Basics

  • Safety Management System Evaluation

  • Identify and Fill out Emergency Action Plans

  • Policy /Procedures of Fire Prevention Plan

  • Ergonomics Program Management




440 Benmar Dr. Suite 1088, Houston, TX 77060

P: 713-424-JOBS
F: 713-396-0582



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